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With 80 years of experience, UQUIFA’S business model is based on a combination of a quality manufacturing platform and track record of service and reliability. UQUIFA is a manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and animal health industries globally. The Company has 3 manufacturing sites (2 in Spain and 1 in Mexico) with strict adherence to all regulatory norms. These sites operate under cGMP conditions and have been inspected and approved by leading global pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities, including the US FDA.
Bidar in India manufactures KSM's.

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1000 Employees
80 Years in Pharma Industry
70 countries covered
150DMF's filed

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UQUIFA has a global customer base with clients in over 70 countries worldwide. In terms of IP, the Company has more than 150 active DMF´s filed and 20 CEP's approved. UQUIFA counts the major global generic and ethical companies amongst its customers. R&D and innovation remains at the core of the Company’s strategy. It continues to make balanced investment in personnel and facilities plants, people and processes to stay ahead of the technological curve.

Uquifa was founded to supply the opiate market in Spain, after the Spanish Civil war. The stakeholders were the chemists and pharmacists of Spain.
The Spanish government declared Penicillin production of national interest and a group of laboratories (including UQUIFA) were created and became Antibióticos S.A. This company obtained the exclusive concession for Penicillin production in Spain.
UQUIFA was acquired by Holliday Chemical Holdings, an UK based fine chemical company. The purchase included the Llica de Vall production site and the offices located in Barcelona. UQUIFA had been classified as a pharmaceutical laboratory but in the late 1980s it was decided to focus the business on the manufacture of APIs for the pharmaceutical and veterinary markets.
To expand its manufacturing capabilities, UQUIFA aquired Barisintex with its headquarters and facilities in Sant Celoni, near Barcelona. This acquisition further consolidated UQUIFA´’s position as a leading supplier of Ranitidine and Cimetidine to the generics industry. During the mid- 1990s, UQUIFA expanded its business base by providing contract manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and animal health industries. Gradually UQUIFA's customer list grew to include many of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world
UQUIFA acquired a manufacturing facility in Cuernavaca, near Mexico from SmithKlineBeecham. This acquisition established the 3 manufacturing locations which Uquifa operates today
Holliday Chemical Holdings was acquired by Yule Catto plc. UQUIFA was the pharmaceutical division of Yule Catto plc and remained headquartered in Barcelona, Spain
UQUIFA was acquired by Vivimed Labs, a India based healthcare & speciality chemicals company. UQUIFA's focus remains on supplying APIs to the generics industry as well providing contract manufacturing services to the leading pharmaceutical innovators. UQUIFA continues to invest in R&D, the latest being the building of an R&D centre at the Sant Celoni site in Spain and a new pilot plant. These facilities were commissioned in 2005.
UQUIFA announced incorporation of QSynth SA as its independent commercial subsidiary, with the primary objective to manage and expand its CMO business.
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