Senior Management Team


Mark I. Robbins - Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Robbins has been the CEO of Uquifa since 1990
  • Has had experience managing other chemical and pharmaceutical companies for 20 years
  • Holds a BSc (Hons) in Genetics and an MBA


Saurabh SG - Corporate Development & Strategy

  • 9+ years of experience in Investment Management, prior to assuming roles in Vivimed/UQUIFA in 2013.
  • Holds a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and, an MBA in Finance & International Business.
  • Previously associated with firms such as Prudential Financial, Credit Suisse and Kotak Mahindra Group. 


József Répasi - Managing Director of Soneas Research and Chemicals

  • József Répasi is the Managing Director of Soneas Research and Chemicals and has over 25 years experience in R & D and Business Development.
  • He holds an MSc in Pharmacutical Development and is an active member of the American Chemical Society and Hugarian Chemical Society.
  • In the recent years, József has helped Soneas build a commercial manufacturing platform in addition to R+D and, succesfully crafted long term relationships with Innovator Pharma and AgroTech companies in geographies like the EU, Japan and USA.


Pilar Valle - Chief Financial Officer - Finance, Accounting & Information Technologies

  • Ms Valle has nearly 25 years of experience in Finance and Accounting of manufacturing companies.
  • She was associated with firms like Arthur Andersen as a statutory auditor.
  • Large experience in Taxes, Internal Controls and International reporting.
  • She has been with Uquifa since 1999.
  • Holds a Bachelors in Economics and Business Administration and masters in International Accounting Standards. Business Executive Program of Advanced Management and  Global Growth Business Strategies.


Gustavo Porras Marina - Supply Chain & Regulatory Affairs

  • Mr. Porras joined Uquifa in 2009. He is responsible for leading the company's supply chain and heads the Regulatory Affairs at corporate level.
  • Has 20 years of experience. Prior to Uquifa, he held a number Business Development roles (API and FDF) in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Holds a BSc in Chemistry.


Tanweer Parkar - Sales & Marketing

  • Mr. Parkar has over 25 years’ experience in generic pharmaceuticals with organisations such as Tata Group, Wockhardt and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories.
  • Holds a Masters in Pharmacy and Masters in Management Studies


María Llosent de Nárdiz – Chief People Officer – Legal and Compliance Director

  • Ms María Llosent de Nárdiz has more than 18 years experience within different industries ( Pharma, Tobacco, Industrial Gases and Chemical) in different cultures such as Sweedish, American, Japanese, British, Indian and various fields of knowledge as People, Legal, Compliance, Data Privacy, Pharma issues, Distribution, CRMs, IT support, cultural change, transformation, etc.
  • She holds a degree in Law (UCM) an MBA (IE) and an AMP (ESADE) as a Masters in International Law and Corporate Governance, and a certificate on Organizational Developmet in the Tel Aviv University.
  • Currently finishing a PhD on Bioinformatics in the Instituto de Estudios Nortearicano Benjamin Franklin (UAH)