Development of novel synthetic routes


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The Spanish R&D Laboratory is located at Sant Celoni (50 km North from Barcelona, Catalonia). The 800 square meters building holds the Synthesis and Analytical development laboratories. Mexican R&D laboratory is located at Cuernavaca (100 km South from Mexico).

The teams work on the development and transfer of chemical processes suitable for the efficient manufacture of APIs and key intermediates. In these laboratories our chemists synthesize products from 1g to 1kg and develop processes which are scaleable, safe and environmentally friendly. The researchers utilize state -of -the -art equipment including RC-1, LC-MS (including UPLC and Quiral), GC-MS and are experienced in DOE.

All available chemical literature and patents are considered together with in-house know-how to provide the best practical means for the synthesis of your product. Following investigative laboratory work, a sample is produced.

Project management is the key to our success.